iSensus b.v. develops, engineers and produces high-end control, measure and management systems using innovative wireless sensor technologies.

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iSensus as a partner

We provide you with sensor data from any sensor from anywhere over the globe, realizing your made to measure sensor data system.

Any time you need a sensor system or need to (wirelessly) transfer sensor data, your partner of choice must be iSensus. In numerous projects innovative sensor solutions with state of the art - partially proprietary technology - has provided customers with distinct data to feed their information systems. Whether you are in the field of moisture, motion, gases, temperature, logistics of goods or even persons, iSensus has created wireless sensor networks using RF technologies as ZigBee, WiFi, GPRS and more.

The iSensus GPRS based gateway family for example can be installed indoors or outdoors , it can transmit data over short distance using short range RF and/or long distance using GPRS. By using low power electronics it can guarantee stand times measured in years rather than hours.

These gateway units have proven to be reliable in collecting and transferring sensor data all over the globe in desert and arctic conditions. Therefore being a durable but also a cost effective way to gather and transport sensor data meeting your economic and reliability demands.

Being located in the sensor valley of the Netherlands, iSensus is part of a large scientific community devoted to sensor developments and applications. Innovative and skilled sensor systems and related products are developed and implemented to great satisfaction of a fast growing amount of customers.

So any time you have a need for sensor data being a new system or to be developed or be it in an existing configuration iSensus should be your partner of choice. Have a look at the list of products and references who went before you.

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Product highlight

Tilt sensor

High Sensitive Tilt sensor

Measure microscopic movement and displacement in structures and objects.



The iSensus gateway family

Transport any sensor data from any sensor in the field to the internet using GPRS.



Digital Compass

Tilt Compensated Digital Compass measures accurate rotation using MEMS sensor technology.